Jtj-a Small Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

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Product Overview:
This machine has independent empty capsule feeding station,
Powder feeding station and capsule closing station. The medium process need to be processed by hand. The machine adopt variable speed control, the operation is very easy and simple, and the powder material feed correctly. The machine body and working table adopt S.S Material, meet the sanitary requirement of pharmacy. It is suitable for filling powder and granular material in pharmacy and health food industry.

1. Sowing capsule, feeding propeller and filling turntable are using frequency control, set automatically after running.
2. This machine has low requirement on the capsule and high probability.
3. Cancel the traditional gear box, the structure is compact and easy to operate and maintain.

Technical Parameters:
Capsule Size
00# - 4#
Max. Output
20000 Capsules / Hour
Power Supply
380V   50Hz
2.21 KW
1290 ×685 × 1600 mm
330 kg

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