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Purified water system:
Provide a full range of purified water equipment configurations based on customer raw water quality reports and effluent water quality requirements. The effluent water quality can meet the specifications of purified water or high purity water in Chinese Pharmacopoeia (CP2010), US Pharmacopoeia (USP34), and European Pharmacopoeia (EP7) according to the configuration.

Technical features:
1. Modular design and compact structure.

2. The system can use hot disinfection RO membrane and heat disinfection EDI to realize online hot water disinfection of the whole system.

3. The double softener can realize series operation and alternate regeneration by using the valve group. Each water softener has a 100% water supply capacity. The whole process of softener operation, backwashing, salt absorption, regeneration and washing is fully automatic program control.
The original water pump and the first and second high-pressure pumps are all controlled by frequency conversion, which can realize different pressure control under various operating conditions of the filter and softener, and realize low-speed small circulation of water in the system standby time, which greatly reduces microbial growth. Probability and energy saving.

4.The system terminal produces water in a two-way water supply mode. When the water is qualified, the product water enters the purified water storage tank through two lines. When the water production is unqualified, the produced water is circulated through the two pipelines and then flows back to the intermediate water storage tank. When the purified water storage tank is full, it also automatically switches to the circulation pipeline to effectively avoid the existence of empty tubes and ensure that no dead water exists.

5.Use an intermediate water storage tank as a buffer tank to achieve on-line cleaning and remove the separate cleaning system.

6.As far as possible, the pipe should be directly stretched with a stainless steel pipe to avoid welding.

7. Pipe and parts connection, use argon gas protection automatic track welding as much as possible to ensure the welding quality.
8.Control system: It adopts PLC automatic control technology and can provide various communication modes to provide 21CFR PART11-compliant operating system. The automated control system is compliant with GAMP5.

9.Recording mode: You can choose paperless recorder to realize paperless recording mode, or you can use paper recorder to record key parameters in real time.

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