Solid grain production line
BJ Series Solution Tank
BJ Series Solution Tank, which is an accessory equipment of high-efficiency coating machine ,is extensively used in hospital, pharmaceutical, beverage and chemical industries for preparation and storage of various liquids and slurries at a temperature not
BGB-5F High-Efficiency Coating Machine
BGB-5F High-efficiency coating machine is the special laboratory equipment which used for coating film on traditional Chinese and Western tablets and pills in pilot run. This equipment is manufactured according to the requirements of GMP in pharmaceutical
BGB-10F High-Efficiency Coating Machine
The BGB-10F high-efficiency Coating Machine is mainly used in pharmaceutical and food industries. It is a high-efficiency, energysaving, safe, clean and mechatronics equipment for coating tablets, pills and candies with organic film, water soluble film,
BGW-C Series High-Efficiency Solid Pan Coater
The BGW -C Series High-efficiency Solid Pan Coater is a high-efficiency, energy-saving, safe, clean, computer controlled and mechatronics equipment which is used for coating sugar, organic film, water soluble film, slow and controlled release film on trad
BGB-D Series High-Efficiency Coating Machine (With CIP Cleaning System
The BGB series of high-efficiency coating machines are mainly used in the pharmaceutical and food industries. It is an efficient, energy-saving and safe method for organic film coating, water-soluble film coating, slow-release, controlled-release coating
BGB-C Series High-Efficiency Coating Machine
•The above function realized display and control of technical parameters, It can write SOP operation and guide the operation by quantitative index to guarantee the same quality of each batch, which completely conforms to the requirement of GMP. 
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