Solid grain production line
Microjet homogenizer
Sterile production microjet homogenizer
The material flow through a one way valve, was pressured in the high pressure chamber. when pass the micron noozle, the material will subsonic impact the chamber, with a shearing effect at the same time, then get a narrow range of micron particle.
Medium-sized test Microjet homogenizer
Modular high-pressure design, can achieve 24-hour continuous operation PLC automatic control, in accordance with GAMP specifications Control system complies with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Sterile process design, in line with cGMP, automatic CIP / SIP, can mee
Microjet Homogenizer for Laboratory
When liquid goes through the one way valve, it will be pressured in the chamber. the plunger push the liquid pass the diamond nozzle. Then the liquid was combined with kinetic energy. three actions will arise: impact the chamber wall, explosion to high sh
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