Solid grain production line
Laboratory equipment
Laboratory coating machine BGB-F Series
The BGB-F coating machine is mainly used in medicine and food industries. Meeting GMP requirements, it is a kind of mechanically and electrically integrated coating equipment with high efficiency, energy conservation, good safety and good cleanliness for
Laboratory multifunctional fluid bed granulator  MDLS series
The machine is a multi-functional granulator integrating top spray, bottom spray and side spray.It is mainly suitable for small batch processing in the laboratory.According to the process requirements can be realized material mixing,drying,granulation coa
Laboratory wet type mixing granulator  SHML series
The machine is mainly suitable for small batch granulation process in the laboratory. The powder material and the adhesive are mixed at high speed in the bottom mixing paddle of the wet cylinder, and then cut into uniform wet granules by the side high spe
V High-efficiency mixer
The mixer is featured by simple mixing, unique structure, high efficiency. no dead angle and even mixing.
MDLB-80 laboratory wet rotating extruding granulator
1. Development of water dispersible granules (WDG) for pesticide industry. 2, The pharmaceutical industry granules 3, Chicken essence and other condiments in the food industry with granules. 4, The food industry oral granules. 5, Particles in the chem
Wet mixing granulator (Rapid Mixer Granulator )(High Shear Mixer)
The powder material and adhesive are fully mixed into wet and soft materials by the bottom mixing paddle in a cylinder (cone) container, and then cut into uniform wet particles by the side high speed grinding paddle.
Laboratory fluid bed dryers and pilot test boiling dryers (FBD)
This machine is a fluidization dryer. It is the use of hot air and material full contact to take away the water, so as to achieve drying a dryer, is a dynamic drying equipment. Temperature control probe is equipped at the air outlet to measure the tempera
FDV air-led pulverizer
FDV air-led pulverizer is a kind of equipment which realizes fine crushing of dry materials by means of high-speed rotating impact of pulverizing blade and separation of air flow whirlwind. It is composed of feeding port, aggregate tank, crushing chamber,
MDLB-25 laboratory Dry granulating machine (Roller compactor)
MDLB is a mini granulator for research and development. The formability of the machine can be easily discovered, and the data of scale-up proportion can be obtained by using only nearly300powder lot. Besides, roller and propeller can be replaced in a shor
Laboratory Dry granulating machine (Roller compactor)
The machine is provided with a degas feeding propeller, a compressive former roll, apressurizing mechanism, a control mechanism, vessels, etc. It can be easily dissembled and cleaned, and is in accordance with GMP standards. For the heat sensitive materia
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