Fully Automatic Hard Gelatin Capsule Filling Machine(NJP-1250BF/CF/EF)

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Product description:
NJP-1250CF full automatic hard capsule filling machine: A. optimized design of full closed filling rotating mechanism, easy cleaning; B. upper and lower module one-way movement, imported double lip polyurethane sealing ring, good sealing performance; C. module plot work position blowing, suction combined to ensure high speed continuous transport mode hole without dust; D. new whole machine seal The technology can make the air pressure in the filling area lower than the external pressure, and the powder will not float away, which will affect the operator's health and space environment.

Main technical parameters:

Machine type
Filling type
Powder, granule, tablet
Powder, granule, tablet
Applicable capsule model
(00#-5# capsule / safety capsule A-E)
Highest yield
75,000 tablets / hour
75,000 tablets / hour
Power requirement
380V 50Hz  2.57kw
380V 50Hz  2.57kw
Noise indicator
Machine net weight
Matching vacuum cleaner

Electronic control parts are all well-known international brand components

Fully enclosed ten-station work turntable for easy cleaning and pollution-free

Clean and easy filling mechanism

High configuration and high precision drive part

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