Solid grain production line
Barrier Isolator
VHP Sterilization Pass Box/Transfer Window
Product Feature Uni-Directional Air Flow,VHP Sterilizing,Air Velocity and VHP Concentration Monitor For Product/Material Cross ZONE Transfer (Class B/C/D to A) One side Maintenance, Double side Operation, Interlock Door, Customized size
Virus Study Research Animal Feeding Isolator  negative pressure Isolator
The air volume control box filters the indoor air through the high-efficiency filter and sends it into the isolation soft bag to clean the fresh air of the animals in the mouse box. The exhaust gas discharged by the animal is filtered by the high-efficien
GMP Standard Sterile Inspection Isolator
Sterile test isolator is a sealing system, through fan filter unit (high efficiency filter , HEPA)to realize the air safe exchange and achieve the online monitoring of particles and microorganisms in the inner environment. Use quickly transfer channels o
GMP Standard Sterile Inspection Isolator
Designed to provide containment(OEL to 0.5ugm/m3) for the purpose of potent products, this isolator is a double chamber unit, one for the drum loading and the other for the dispensing operators. The isolator contains a weigh balance has a gull-wing door,
Sterile isolator aseptic negative pressure isolator
The hard cabin laminar flow type aseptic isolator is a hard-walled structure composed of stainless steel and tempered glass, and the internal environment is dynamic A-level. Use gloves for operation. The gloves can be thickened and anti-breakage or thin a
Sterility Test Isolation System
Suitable for Production scale Aseptic Toxic/Non-Toxic Products: Anti cancer drugs/Oncology Product; High Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (HPAPIs); Hormone therapy; Radiation oncology; Cytotoxic drugs and etc.
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