Full-Automatic Hard Capsule Filling Machine(NJP-5600B/C/E)

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Product description:
NJP-5600 automatic capsule filling machine is suitable for mass production equipment:
1. The filling rotary part is completely closed and easy to clean.
2. The upper and lower modules are unidirectionally moving into the imported double lip polyester sealing ring, which has good sealing performance.
3. The module cleaning station combines inhalation and blowing, ensuring no dust in the high-speed running die hole.
4. The finished product bagging station is equipped with a balloon ring, and there is no dust flying.

Control system with OPC Server
Control system implements FDA CFR211 electronic signature, electronic record
Control system with Industrial Ethernet interface with OPC Client connection
Large-capacity hard disk can record information and meet CGMP and FDA requirements

The main technical parameters:

Machine model
Filling form
Powder or pellet
Suitable capsule model
(00#-5# capsule / safety capsule A-E)
Highest production capacity
336,000 tablets / hour
Motor power
Power supply
AC 380V;50Hz
Vacuum degree
-0.02~-0.06 MPa
Compressed air (module cleaning)
Air consumption: 9m3/h
Pressure: 0.3~0.4MPa
Machine weight

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