High Precision Fully Automatic Capsule Filling Machine(NJP-3200,3800B/C/E)

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Product description:
NJP-3200 and 3800 Series automatic hard capsule filling machines are suitable for mass production.
1. The equipment is a kind of intermittent action, and the automatic filling equipment of the hole filling type automatic hard capsule is completely closed and convenient for filling and rotating parts.
2. upper and lower modules one-way movement, import double lip polyurethane sealing ring, good sealing performance;
3. Module cleaning station combines blowing and inspiring to ensure high speed operation without dust.
4. The locking station is equipped with a powder suction device.
5. The finished product out of the pocket has a balloon ring, no dust flying.

Technical parameters:

Machine model
Filling form
Powder, granule, tablet
Powder, granule, tablet
Suitable capsule model
(00#-5# capsule / safety capsule A-E)
Maximum yield
1920,000 tablets / hour
228,000 tablets / hour
Power requirements
380V 50Hz  4.77kw
380V 50Hz  6.37kw
Noise index
Outer size
Machine net weight

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