Hard Gelatin Capsule Filling Machine(NJP-2000,2500B/C/E)

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This machine is a kind of intermittent operation, full automatic hard capsule filling equipment with hole type filling. Combined with the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine and the requirements of GMP, the machine has been optimized and designed. It has a compact structure, small model, low noise, accurate filling dose, complete function and smooth operation. It can simultaneously complete sowing, packing, filling, scrap, lock, finished product, module cleaning and so on. It also has the advantages of cleaning and filling. The lifting mechanism of the position can meet the needs of the large batch production of the enterprise, greatly save the financial resources and manpower, and it is the most ideal hard capsule filling equipment for the pharmaceutical and health care products.

Main technical parameters:

Machine type
Filling type
Powder, granule, tablet
Powder, granule, tablet
Applicable capsule model
(00#-5# capsule / safe capsule A-E)
Highest capacity
120000 tablets / hour
150000 tablets / hour
Power requirement
380V 50Hz  3.37kw
380V 50Hz  3.37kw
Noise indicator
Machine net weight

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