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General description:

Squeezing-rolling as a pill technical is still one of the most valid methods to produce mini-pills. This technical is mainly for squeezing and rolling pill material, which has high absorptive, sugar and less fat. Verified by practice, pills from such technical and machine is uniformly, mellow and better quality than other products.
This machine applies for wetness-making various pellets which used in pharmacy, chemical industry, food, feedstuff, and electron and so on. And this machine is made up of two function parts-squeezing equipment and rolling equipment, of which the rotational speed are all frequency conversion.

Pelleting principle:
Different diameters of thread are prepared by putting soft material in squeezing equipment based on different pill size, then placed the thread into disk of rolling equipment.Manipulation tooth plate for rotation, under shear force generated from speed difference and centrifugal force, the thread will be cut into uniform small cylinder, make use of the speed difference generated by manipulation tooth plate and the small cylinder in the process of rotation, so that material which was cut into small cylinder carry out irregular circular motion, then turn into ball-shape (pills) at the end of their campaign. As the irregular movement of particles resulting in rolling, thus the moisture within the particles exudes through the surface evenly by compacting so that the processed particles are mellower and more shinny.

Main technical parameters:

Parameter Squeezing equipment rolling equipment
Item WL700 WL350 WL700 WL350
Diameter(mm) 0.6-3 0.6-3 0.6-2.5 0.6-2.5
Production capactiy(kg/h) 20-40 3-5 10-40 2-4.5
Power(kW) 3 0.75 4 0.75
Speed(rpm) 20-110 50-120 100-400 100-500

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